Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Dies In Car Crash!

What a tragedy, ‘Jackass’ star Ryan Dun was killed in a car crash early this morning. He was with an unidentified passenger who also died. According to Gossip Cop the crash involving the stuntman happened around 3 am in Pennsylvania. The site further states that police have revealed the Dunn’s Porsche was in flames when they arrived on the scene. A couple of hours before the accident the 34 year old Tweeted a picture of himself at a bar with some friends but that doesn’t necessarily mean that alcohol was involved so we will just have to wait until more info is given out before we will know exactly what happened. Ryan was best known for the stunts he pulled on not only the MTV show ‘Jackass’ but the spin-off series ‘Viva La Bam’ starring his pal Bam Margera. Currently he was co-hosting the G4 show ‘Proving Ground’ with Jessica Chobot. The show was right up Dunn’s alley doing what he loved to do experiment with crazy out there stunts. ‘Proving Ground’ debuted last week and although I personally didn’t watch it I have some friends who checked it out and said it was pretty freaking good. I have to [...]

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Transfromance Is True! Foxy Admits To On Set Fling With Shia!

We had a feeling it was true.
Earlier this week, we heard from Shia LaBeouf himself, in an interview with Details Magazine, that he and Megan Fox hooked up while shooting Transformers together.
Here's what he said about it in the interview:
"Look, you're on the set for six months, with someone who's rooting to be attracted to [...]

We guess we see the resemblance...?

Casting directors are looking at Kristen Stewart to play the accused child murderer Casey Anthony.

In case you've been living in a cave, Casey Anthony's face has been plastered all over TV and newspapers as she's currently on trial for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

They both have dark hair and the same vacant look on their faces, but is KStew capable of pulling off such an intense role? She would be playing an alleged killer, after all.

We all know that she can do the deer-in-the-headlight expression just perfectly, so who knows, maybe! LOLz.

No, but seriously - Does anyone else find it creepy that a Casey Anthony story is being made into a movie? Especially, since the horrific crime is still on trial. It's just...too soon.

What do U think? Could KStew play Casey Anthony? Should Hollywood even be talking about making this movie right now?

[Image via WENN.]

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Dale! Pitbull Moooves Rockefeller Center With Ne Yo, T Pain Marc Anthony!

Oh hell yes! Wish we were there today! Looks like a damn fun party!!! Mr. Worldwide!!!
This morning, Pitbull and Co. rocked out The Today Show, performing some of the hottest jams ever!
Check out the video (above) to see Pitbull and Ne-Yo give everything to their performance of Give Me Everything and then click the jump [...]

Okay, so the quality's not GREAT...but this is still pret-ty cool!

Check out the video (above) from the Dark Knight Rises set, which appears to be a scene between Bruce Wayne/Batman and Selina Kyle/Catwoman, played by Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway.

Could the fact that we're seeing footage now mean that a trailer might be on its way? Or at least a short teaser???

What do U think of this Dark Knight Rises footage?

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Monday, November 28, 2011

This Week In Celebrity Twitpics!

CLICK HERE for an awesome pHOto gallery of all the best pics that your favoritest celebs were Twitpic-ing this week!
CLICK HERE for an awesome pHOto gallery of all the best pics that your favoritest celebs were Twitpic-ing this week!
CLICK HERE for an awesome pHOto gallery of all the best pics that your favoritest celebs were [...]

Bad business you've gotten yourself into, dude!

Rick Springfield was formally charged with two counts of DUI this morning stemming from his arrest in Malibu last May. Because they are just misdemeanor charges, Rick faces a maximum of 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. If they were felony charges, FORGET ABOUT IT!

Rick also got off doubly easy as the police department decided not to press charges for Rick's outlandish remarks to the arresting officers. As we recall, he muttered something about have them "f*cking killed." However, an L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. spokesperson explained officials did not take the threat seriously, saying:

"It is rare when a drunk doesn’t say something outlandish to police when they’re arrested."


Well, you brought this on to yourself Rick. Hopefully, you've learned your lesson!

[Image via WENN.]

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

J. Lo Admits To Fighting With Fellow American Idol Judges!

Now this is the kind of stuff we like to see!
Jennifer Lopez has admitted that she and fellow American Idol judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler had their first fight while filming auditions for the show's upcoming season.
The three fought over a girl who Jennifer really wanted to pass into the second [...]

Oh, Kate, Kate, Kate...

Never change.

On an upcoming episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin goes ballistic over a slice of pizza and some leftovers.

Apparently, Kate doesn't like it when her daughter Maddy uses her grubby hands to touch a slice of pizza that was meant for Kate's bodyguard, Steve.


We're not even exactly sure what's happening here or why Kate is getting that upset, but it kind of funny to watch her pal Ashley talk back to her.

Watch the clip above.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Adele Postpones UK Tour Dates Due To Illness

Oh no! Poor Adele!
She's been forced to postpone two UK concert dates after falling ill to a nasty chest infection.

She withdrew from her performances at the Plymouth Pavillions and at the Bournemouth International Centre.
Not wanting to leave her fans hanging, the singer released a statement on her website:
"hi guys, sorry about the [...]

It would have been awesome if they went ahead and did that.

Dancing with the Stars execs said they considered pairing openly-gay Carson Kressley with a male dance partner. But instead, they opted to team him up with dancing vet Anna Trebunskaya.

Exec producer Conrad Green says:

"We thought about it. We try to follow what happens in real ballroom competitions. That was the original intention of the show. And while we are aware that there are same-sex couples, the competitions are usually mixed-gendered.

It’s a performance, like actors. We don’t think its odd pairing up dancers with incompatible sexual preferences, but based off abilities.

What we try to do is reflect a broad range of the entertainment world in the casting of the show. We're always trying to find new things that people haven't seen, new types of stories and that's what we've been doing this season."

And that's why it would have been really interesting if they partnered Carson with a man. We get that they want to mirror what's happening in the real dancing world, but this sounds like a bit of bullshiz to us.

Would U rather see Carson dance with a man or a woman??

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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GaGaloo Moved To Tears Throws A Shoe On SYTYCD!

We're laughing. We're crying. SO MANY EMOTIONS!!!
Last night, Lady GaGa was a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance and she dispensed some invaluable advice and praise to the final 8 contestants. She also threw a shoe at Sasha & Melanie and cried her eyes out when Marko performed with Allison.
Check out the [...]

Rachel Avila thought it would be fine if she lit her cigarette with a gun.

When she lit it, a .22 caliber bullet ricochet off the ground in front of her mobile home and entered her daughter's arm.


Fortunately, the daughter is okay (physically, no word yet on her emotional stability).

But WTF was she thinking?

Well, according to her, she thought it was a novelty lighter.

...giiiiirl, you don't have to lie.

We wonder; Did the cigarette ever light?

[Image via AP Images.]

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Watch: Battleship Releases A First Movie Trailer

Last September we saw photos of popstar Rihanna on the set of her new movie Battleship, based on the classic boardgame. Today we get our first look at the first trailer for the film. Now, those of you who are familiar with the game Battleship may not recognize a damn thing in this trailer … [...]

Last night David and I met up with our good friends Darion and Nicole for a LONG overdue dinner hang session. We went to Bar Marmont at the Chateau Marmont for a nice, leisurely dinner (and were seated next to Dichen Lachman from Dollhouse and Torchwood: Miracle Day). David and I have been wanting to hang out with Nicole for WEEKS now but we could never get our schedules in sync. Thankfully, Darion took the initiative and got us all together … if only for a dinner hang.

The four of us spent a very leisurely dinner catching up with one another. Nicole is working FURIOUSLY on the return of Pop-Up Video on VH1 and shared some really fun (and harrowing) stories about the show’s production. Pop-Up Video is one of my fave shows, I am really excited for its return … and fully trust that Nicole and her team will deliver the goods.

Tonight, David and I are hanging out with Tam and Rob … we haven’t seen them in a while so I’m REALLY looking forward to catching up with them :) I understand they have some happy news to share … and I can’t WAIT to hear all about it. Happy Hump Day!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NEW Deets Surface About Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston Break Up!

Last we heard about this classic break-up, Jennifer Aniston was saying that her role in 2006's The Break-Up was therapeutic and helped her get over Brad Pitt.
Now, new details about their break-up have arisen from Mr. and Mrs. Smith producer Arnon Milchan's new book Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon.
According to Milchan, [...]

Oh no. What's happening here? Breaking at the seams already?! What's going on???

On the heels of Sharon Osbourne announcing that she'll be taking a break from The Talk this fall, only Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert attended the network's TCA Panel this weekend. Then, Holly Robinson Peete made a startling confession on a red carpet yesterday - her option hasn't been picked up either! Holy!

Check out the video (above) to hear Holly talk about her uncertain future with The Talk and if she even wants to go back to the gig.

Guys couldn't even keep it together for one whole season?! Damn!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is Holly Robinson Peete Off The Talk?!

Oh no. What's happening here? Breaking at the seams already?! What's going on???
On the heels of Sharon Osbourne announcing that she'll be taking a break from The Talk this fall, only Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert attended the network's TCA Panel this weekend. Then, Holly Robinson Peete made a startling confession on a red carpet [...]

Someone's about to pop!

Even when her feet are probably going to endure some amount of pain, Tori Spelling still fulfills her motherly duties by taking her children out for bonding time.

The family went to the Farmers Market in Malibu for lunch and some shopping.

Awww! So adorbz!

[Image via WENN.]

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Monday, November 21, 2011

New From Michelle Branch!

, Loud Music, Music Videos

We're so happy that she's returned to pop music!
Check out the just-released music video for Michelle Branch's latest single, Loud Music, off of her upcoming album, West Coast Time (above)!
Not too inneresting a music video, but we do like the road trip theme, and gurl is looking FANTASTIC!
Can't wait to hear [...]

Last night, George Lopez threw the first pitch at Dodger Stadium with a smile on his face and seeminly no care in the world.

Of course, we all know that isn't true. Tonight will end the short-lived, but mildly successful run of Lopez Tonight, his TBS talk show. The cancellation was swift and abrupt, but George didn't want to talk about that at the game. No, instead he want to chat about an important woman in his life, a woman who may have even play an intrical part in helping him get his show to begin with - Sandra Bullock.

The pair have been longtime friends and supporters of each other and it doesn't seem like that will be changing anytime soon. George explained:

"If it wasn't for her involvement in me, or her belief in me, I would have had a very different last 10 years. She invested in me, and she wouldn't take no for an answer. And with that, and just who she is, she has my undying love, and my undying loyalty. Every day I thank her for believing in me."

That's really nice. Must be so nice go through life, knowing you have support like that. Nothing could take the place of that. No amount of money or fame. This is what its all about.

You'll land on your feet, George. You've got good friends and a good heart. Enjoy tonight and then its on to the future!

[Image via WENN.]

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Deena Nicole Admits She Had A Nose Job

Everyone seems a little obsessed with the, shall we say, appearance of one of the girlies on the Jersey Shore. Jenni "JWoww" Farley's new look has been the topic of many a conversation since the fourth season of the show started last week. Many people are suggesting that she got more than her boobs done [...]

As always, you can can count on Ann Coulter to make a bad situation worse with her mouth.

Ann was on the O'Reilly Factor last night to share her criticism of the British nation after the recent violence in London.

Have a listen to her, um, insight in the video (above).

Ann, just out of curiosity, what color is the sky in your world???

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Selena Quintanilla Album Coming!

Sorry, our Selenita, you're going to have to take a backseat for a moment!
The original, late, but still very much GREAT Selena Quintanilla apparently had over 50 unreleased songs recorded before her tragic passing, and according to her father, Abraham, ten of those will be re-mastered on a new album, set to drop early next [...]

Tough break!

The first of MTV's original, scripted series - The Hard Times of RJ Berger - has been canceled after two seasons!

Although debuting in seasons one and two to high numbers, the series, which focused on a well-endowed high school student, lost a huge amount of viewership steadily until dropping below one million by its season finale in May.

But hey! At least you got the network to stop airing so much crap reality!

And you also lasted longer than the abysmal Skins!

That's something! Ha!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Lil Wayne And Drake Team Up For Watch The Throne II Joint Album!

After seeing these two tear it up at the BET Awards (above), we're pret-ty excited for this announcement!
Following the footsteps of Jay-Z and Kanye West, rappers Lil Wayne and Drake are teaming up for their OWN collaborative album.
Here's what Birdman had to say about the new project:
"Wayne and I recently talked about [a collaboration with [...]

Great. So, another person is cast in the movie that people still have no idea what it's about.


Patrick Wilson is the latest actor to be cast in Ridley Scott's mysterious sci-fi flick, Prometheus. We can't tell you who he'll play, because we don't know. We don't know anything! No one does - except MAYBE Ridley Scott. We've heard that this is supposed to play as a pre-quel to Alien, which sounds amazing, but we could use a for more plot details than just that!

Right? Are U with us???

[Image via WENN.]

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ridley Scott Adds Patrick Wilson To Prometheus

Great. So, another person is cast in the movie that people still have no idea what it's about.
Patrick Wilson is the latest actor to be cast in Ridley Scott's mysterious sci-fi flick, Prometheus. We can't tell you who he'll play, because we don't know. We don't know anything! No one does - except MAYBE Ridley [...]

Guess what David Lynch has been up to these days!

He's been cultivating his own blend of electronic pop.

The auteur behind such bizzaro masterpieces like Mulholland Dr (starring Justin Theroux) and Twin Peaks is venturing out into the music world with his first solo album -- Crazy Clown Time.

With a little help from his recording engineer, Dean Hurley, and Karen O, David wrote, produced, and performed all 14 tracks.

The album is set to release on November 8.

We're sure fans are going to love it!

Watch the David Lynch-selected video winner for his I Know above!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kim Is Out And About On Her Wedding Day!

Nothing to start off America's response to the Royal Wedding by a few lovely photo ops!
Kim Kardashian's big day has arrived, and the reality starlet was spotted out and about this morning in Santa Barbara, wearing white sweat suits alongside sister Kourtney with "Mrs. Humphries" embroidered on the chest outside the Four Seasons Hotel, and [...]


Despite how we feel about him personally, we cannot deny that this movie looks nothing short of AH-MAZING!

Watch some our favorite actors, including Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, and John C. Reilly go to TOWN on on one another in the trailer for the upcoming Roman Polanski-directed Carnage, based on the play God of Carnage (above)!

You can literally FEEL them chewing through the scenery!

Can't wait!

What do U think?? Do U want to see this?

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Demi Debuts Album Art For Unbroken!

She looks absolutely stunning.
Demi Lovato took to Twitter today to reveal the cover art her new album, Unbroken, which drops September 20th!
Check it out (above)!
There's nothing else we can eve say.
We couldn't be more excited for this!
What do U think? Are U looking forward to Unbroken?
P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!
P.P.S. [...]

So glad this has all been resolved.

A memorial service for Russell Armstrong has been officially scheduled for Wednesday at the Church of the Hills at Forest Lawn cemetery in El Lay.

Although it's unclear if his family will attend the 3pm ceremony, Russell's body's ashes will be split between there and with relatives in Texas.

Seems like a fair compromise.

Hopefully now they can put the drama behind them and focus on helping one another work through their.

Stay strong. You're all in our thoughts.

[Image via WENN.]

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Roger Ebert Backtracks On Ryan Dunn Tweets!

Roger Ebert caused a bit of controversy yesterday when he scolded deceased Jackass star Ryan Dunn yesterday via Twitter for allegedly being drunk during the crash that took his life, as well as Zachary Hartwell's, and now, the movie critic has taken to his blog to clarify and somewhat apologize for his insensitivity!
He writes:
"To begin [...]

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Using a Beat Maker to Make Trance Beats

Mannheim Steamroller is a pioneer of the new age music genre, and has continuously been producing albums for the last several decades. I am a huge fan and have picked out, in my opinion, the 5 best Mannheim Steamroller songs from their Fresh Aire I album released in 1975. This album was actually used to demo hi-fi equipment, and customers would say "I like this stereo system, but I really love the record you're playing. Who is that?" So, that's how the Fresh Aire series got its start. Each of the first four Fresh Aire albums are based on a season, and Spring is the theme for Fresh Aire I. Chip Davis said the following about it: "Vivaldi did a nice piece called the "Seasons", and this sounded like a good idea for an overall concept (since Fresh Aire I seemed very "Springish") for any albums that would come later in the series. Of course, at the onset there were no plans for a whole series. We felt we'd be doing well to get one album off the ground. In fact it was the listening public's request for "Fresh Aire II" that spurred the idea to start a series."

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Monday, November 7, 2011

What You Need To Make Beats On Your Computer

The guitar is one of the oldest and most popular forms of musical instrument in the world; in fact almost every culture has its own version of the standard acoustic guitar. Even after thousands of years of existence we can still hear the catchy rhythms and complex leads of the guitar being incorporated into a wide variety of modern musical genres. Each day hundreds of people decide to pick up and learn the guitar, but of those that do only a small group of individuals actually stick with it and master this instrument.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Parents P!nk Carey Hart Bring Newborn Willow Sage Home From The Hospital

Last Friday we learned the happy news that singer P!nk and her motocross motorcycling hubby Carey Hart gave birth to their first born child, a daughter they named Willow Sage. Today we learn that the new mommy and daddy brought home their bouncing bundle of joy from the hospital. The front gate of the Hart [...]

For various reasons, our plans for yesterday didn’t really pan out so David and I ended up staying home all day long … which, in retrospect, was really for the best. As a result of all that couch time I had, I finally succumbed and started watching the new HBO series Game of Thrones that seemingly everyone is talking about. I have to admit, at first I thought the series looked a little too much like Xena: Warrior Princess for my liking but after watching the first 8 eps in a row, I’m happy to say I love the show entirely.

Truth be told, I actually fell in love with the series after episode one. Even tho I really had no idea what was going on, I liked the pace and feel of the show. While I love some fantasy fiction, I’m not a huge fan of the genre overall … thankfully, Game of Thrones doesn’t feel so much like a fantasy tale. It kinda feels more like historical fiction. There are a lot of great actors in Game of Thrones with great parts to play. I found it very easy to watch the string of 8 eps in a row without getting tired, bored or confused about anything. I am really intrigued by where the story seems to be going and I found myself dying for another ep after I finished the newest, 8th episode. If the show sounds interesting to you, I suggest you check out the premiere ep. That ep will give you a good taste for the show and you’ll prolly know right off if Game of Thrones is for you. I got hooked, you may get hooked too.

So yeah … that was my Sunday. Today, David and I will be trekking down to Anaheim, CA to spend the evening/night celebrating Ollie’s birthday at Disneyland. I’m ashamed to admit that it’s been far too long since I’ve been to Disney so I’m excited. The weather is cooler today … hopefully that will make for a really pleasant day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Arts and Entertainment:Music from

If you cannot get enough of singing popular karaoke songs, you might consider bringing the attributes of your hobby home with you to enjoy any time you want. It is easier than you might think. A variety of options exist that lets you take your love for karaoke home and share it with your nearest and dearest.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wedding Bands/Music Choose the Right One for Your Big Day

It can be quite an overwhelming task to choose the right wedding bands/music and songs for your big day. After all, music is one of the most aspects of any wedding and can play an important role in setting the mood for the whole evening. Hence it is important to plan ahead and give it due importance so that the right songs are played during the ceremony as well as for the reception.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Panic At The Discos Brendon Uries Nasty Stage Injury (VIDEO)

Brendon Urie of Panic At The Disco is not some wimpy Emo dude. Nope. He really hurt himself during a live show, and decided to keep on rockin’, despite a massively swollen ankle. Don’t let the ridiculous looking vest in the video fool you, this could be filed under “true rock star moments.” After getting up close and personal with the crowd at a show in Jacksonville, Florida, Brendon stepped back on stage with a limp. He sort of hobbles for a second trying to pull his shoe off…then BOOM: the reveal. The crowd lets loose a sort of sympathetic, but still grossed out “ooooooooohhhhh,” as he shows off a pretty sick looking dumpling of an ankle injury. Let’s be honest, most people would be on the ground screaming, but this guy just sort of takes it like a man. He doesn’t even walk off stage to be check out. He just makes a couple of jokes about his grandmother’s goiter and straps on a guitar. The crowd seems to really appreciate his dedication and gets pretty fired up before the next song. Eventually the show ended and Brendon made it to the hospital, but not before sending this photo [...]

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