Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hangover II Plot Revealed!

We got all the juicy plot details for the upcoming sequel, Hangover II!
The guys are back and this time they're headed to Thailand for Stu's wedding (played by Ed Helms).
A Warner Bros. press kit reveals:
"After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding [...]


Disney World!!!!!

In order to celebrate finishing his cancer treatment, Michael Douglas, along with wifey Catherine Zeta Jones and kiddies, Dylan and Carys, went to Disney World's Epcot Center this week.

Glad to see him looking happy and healthy again. Such an adorbs family!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Rhythm Ambassador: Bringing Traditional African Drumming to America

You will likely build your microphone collection over time rather than buying all your mics at once. This is the best way to buy mics, because it gives you time to develop an understanding of what you can do with the microphone that you have before you plunk down your money for another one. You're better off having a few mics that best fit your situation than having a whole bunch of mics that just sorta work for you.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fender Bass Guitars

To many people, royalty free music is an unheard of dream especially due to the perception that the Internet is a free-for-all platter where one can obtain almost everything they need though valid and invalid ways alike. However, with the service under consideration, not only can one avail tunes that are absolutely legal, they can also engender these into their personal audio productions. They come originally from artistes and producers themselves whose rights to the artistic works are settled by the home website before they are offered to the public. This means that there is no fear that what one obtains online poses any danger like infringing creative rights.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Quick Review Of TidySongs

In the world of music, there are diverse media players and music organizers. The recent introduction of iTunes really changed the music industry for the better. Today, one can easily download music files and equally organize them into desired patterns Among the modern day iTunes organizers, TidySongs is simply the best.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Boxer Christy Martin Stabbed, Shot by Husband

A woman who gained fame as the world's best-known female boxer was seriously injured by her husband on Tuesday, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office . Christy Martin, 42, flagged down a motorist near Apopka 's Deer Lake subdivision about 6:45 p.m. The motorist took her to Florida Hospital North, where doctors determined that she had been shot and stabbed in the torso and left leg.

Winston Churchill
John Walsh

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Places To Find Maroon 5 Concert Tickets

Many people have probably told you how difficult it is to come across Furthur concert tickets. In fact, it might not even have been something that you were told by other people; it is something that you saw with your own eyes. Well, despite the fact that you might have gone through so much trouble in getting the tickets some few months ago, I would like to assure you that once you understand the things that you need to do to get the tickets, you will find the whole process quite simple if not entertaining.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Les News, 112410

John Travolta and Kelly Preston welcome the birth of a baby boy they’ve named Benjamin. Kate Gosselin blames everyone but herself for her children’s bad behavior. Neil Patrick Harris talks to The Talk about being a new dad. Paul McCartney takes a spill. THESE kids are deffo something to be thankful for this year :D [...]

Yesterday we saw photos of our dear Britney Spears enjoying a loving afternoon in Calabasas, CA with her BFF/assistant Brett Miller. While I love seeing photos of Britney and Brett, I lamented the fact that we hadn’t seen Britney and her beau Jason Trawick out and about for some time now. Right on cue, new photos of Britwick came out that showed the couple making their way thru LAX Airport last night on their way out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow:

It’s not clear where the couple are headed … might they be making their way to Kentwood, Louisiana to celebrate Thanksgiving in Britney‘s hometown? OR, might the couple be headed off to NYC so that they can celebrate the holiday with Jason‘s family who live there? It is also possible that Britwick might be ditching their families altogether and are headed for Hawaii, the site of their Summer vacation to relive their Summer romance? Wherever Britney and Jason go, I’m sure they are thankful that they can be together … and it is my sincerest wish that they enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving together.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

‘Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark’ Releases New Promo Photos

Previews for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark are scheduled to begin this Friday but, if you can believe it, the big budget Broadway musical was *still* dealing with safety issues just last weekend! The official opening night of the show has already been pushed back to January but, ready or not, the show will go [...]

On Monday night David and I attended an early screening of the new film Burlesque which stars the legendary Cher and Christina Aguilera in her feature film debut. To be honest, I really wasn’t all that excited to see the film but I had a hard time turning down an offer to see the movie in full for free in order to make an honest assessment of the film. Long story short, I didn’t love the movie but I also didn’t hate the movie:

After the jump, read some of my thoughts on the film and find out what I liked and what I disliked about Burlesque. I will say right now, the movie is fun to watch and might be worth putting on your Must See Movie list …

I was very surprised by Xtina Aguilera‘s performance. No, she wasn’t spectacular but she was not the worst part of the film. What hurts the movie, I think, are the far too numerous clichés that are thrown into the storyline. I can’t even list them all … from the young ingenue singer (who loses her mother at a young age, I might add) who moves from a small town to the big city to make it big cliché to the aging former star who takes said ingenue under her wing in order to save her club from foreclosure cliche and every other similar cliché in between — it’s just hard to take the story very seriously. To be honest, not all of the musical numbers are that good … but there are a couple of really AMAZING performances. When the music starts up, the feel of Burlesque ranges from Coyote Ugly to a bad Pussycat Dolls music video. That being said, the gays will LOVE this movie. There were a lot of gays in the audience at my screening and they all applauded every time Cher opened her mouth to sing … or even speak. There is a scene where Cam Giganet is totally nekkid and the gays next to me actually gasped out loud and moaned! Yes, there is a lot in Burlesque to keep most gays happy. I, personally, had fun watching the film … Cher is fabulous and Xtina‘s acting ain’t all bad. The music is fun … which makes the whole thing kinda fun. Burlesque is no Chicago but it is a good time at the movies. Inexplicably, Xtina sings her own version of the Marilyn Manson song The Beautiful People which makes no sense at all … but, again, for the most part I had fun.

I think I’ll be heading out to the movies again tonight … Love and Other Drugs and Tangled both open today along with Burlesque. I’m not sure which movie I’ll see but I deffo want to see them both.

Tonight is the biggest drinking night of the year so I hope that all y’all will be SAFE tonight! No drinking and driving, y’all! Party safe and have fun!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Who should’ve won?

After stepping out on the ballroom floor for the last time on Tuesday, one couple danced away with the mirror ball trophy for season 11 of "Dancing With the Stars." Did America make the right choice? Find out who won season 11 and vote in our poll! Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough were crowned the champions of "Dancing With the Stars" season 11 on Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nicki Minaj Wants To See A Gay Rapper!

Gurlfriend's got the right idea!
Nicki Minaj has been praised for her efforts as a musician in the rap and hip hop industry to reach out and connect with the LGBT community, and while attending the AMA's, she revealed that she thinks that it's just about time for a gay rapper to hit the scene!
She explains:
"Of [...]

That's just ignorant!

Fox News will not air an advocacy group's ad to repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, where generals from around the world attest to the fact that having gay men and women to serve openly would not be a problem.

Palm Center director Aaron Belkin said:

"I am surprised that Fox News would reject an ad featuring allied Generals, given that both host Bill O'Reilly and guest contributor Liz Cheney have expressed support for open gay service. This is an important time for input from all sides on this issue, and I hope Fox will reconsider."

Watch the video (above) to see the ad in its entirety.


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Global Journey Suggestions

Preparing your wedding day will request a lot of effort out of your part. You have got to select wedding venues, catering services and lots of other related services. The good thing is that there are plenty of resources on the web such as envoi de fleur that will allow you to find out more on this issue. It may even be advisable that you consider serving organic food in your reception. Nowadays you'll find a number of people that are serious about an organic lifestyle. Check out websites for instance annuaire du bio as a way to get more information about this issue. Simultaneously you might also think about organizing your honeymoon too. Just like the above you'll have online posts for example croisiere turquie that may help you prepare your honeymoon in the best possible manner. Find attached articles that will offer you more details on the subject in the list above.Many individuals have traveled overseas on holiday; journey for the individual conducting international company is a various tale. Right here are some tips for your businessman or lady that have been collected from the international company traveler's unwritten rulebook.
Make a point of carrying your laptop pc with you onto the plane. It is extremely important to keep it with you at all times. Don't let the safety devices at the airport scare you off. There is absolutely nothing there to damage your laptop. Moreover, allow it to be a habit while you are traveling to backup your files. There's always the chance that your pc could be taken away or even the system might crash while traveling. Backing up will maintain your details and data secure.
Secondly there are websites devoted to finding seating arrangements on global air flights with all the comfort of the location to plug in your pc. The websites will also be technically educated about which adapter to make use of for which outlet. Many airlines provide also their customer the use of wireless Web. Nevertheless, to be able to use this option a small fee applies. The expenditure may well be really worth it because operating on your pc is really a terrific way to make the best use of time while flying.
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You will also wish to verify with all the provider of your cell phone and inquire whether your phone will work effectively exactly where you're traveling. Global Program for Mobile Communications is a pretty universal standard inside every country in the planet and as this kind of provides seamless transmissions. Nevertheless, even if your phone is really a International Program Mobile telephone different nations might require your utilizing a different kind of SIM card. For readers unfamiliar with the term, the SIM is simply what makes the telephone practical.
For example, when traveling in Australia beneath you will need a different SIM than when effecting business in Europe. Nevertheless, don�t worry as well a lot as the switch in styles of mobiles isn't as perplexing because it first sounds: numerous fashion phones and their SIM cards might be conveniently bought at numerous on-line stores. The main factor would be to know from the issue beforehand so you are able to deal with it.Lastly, save your self any possible social or business embarrassment by conducting some study concerning the customs from the nation exactly where you'll be undertaking business. Thankfully most nations conduct business in English; however, even with this particular convenience it does not harm to review regional traditions and customs and discover about the country's cultural formalities prior to journey.
Then you'll be demonstrating to your international company partners that you are thinking about sustaining a constructive rapport and continued company prosperity. This slight courtesy in reviewing another company person's culture can make all the distinction within the planet in effecting profitable alliances.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bradley Cooper Renée Zellweger Go Their Separate Ways

On Friday we learned that that Bradley Cooper and girlfriend Renée Zellweger decided to end their almost 2 year relationship and today we get to see photos of the newly singles going their own separate ways. Renée was spotted chillin’ all by her lonesome at an eatery in NYC with nothing but her iGadgets to [...]

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Common Questions About Trademarks Answered

Will you be interested to get some appealing career idea? There are several various opportunities which exist and it'll all depend on what you are looking for. For example you may wish to think about the field of project management. There are numerous websites that provide information for example Project management team so as to make you skillful. It may even be interesting that you consider the legal field as well. There are a lot of websites on the net that will allow you to get accustomed to concept for instance apprendre l anglais rapidement. It may also be helpful that you get acquainted with a foreign language since this can improve your chance of obtaining a job. A quick look on the web will reveal you different methods such as financial background check where you will be able to become familiar with this sort of language. Hereunder I have attached the sample of an article that you might find on the internet.
Battles are waged in the market and lawsuits are filed all in the title of trademarks. You've heard about the situation filed by Nike in opposition to counterfeiters, and you have study in the papers the temerity of other fly-by-night companies of copying the marks and names of effective businesses. So what is with trademarks that stir up a storm of lawsuits and battles? Trademarks may be regarded as as the encounter of any business or organization online and in the market, and marks might make or break a company. And this is the main reason why everybody is scorching on the heels of the very best and well-known trademarks in the market. But what precisely are trademarks and why the noise? For your un-initiated, listed here are a few questions about marks answered.Trademark basicsWhen they say trademarks, then these are all concerning the phrase utilized, the names and also the symbols used that will be used to represent any good, and used to distinguish 1 good through the other. The very best trademark is one that is effortlessly remembered within the marketplace; some thing that consumers can keep in mind even when they only saw the logo or mark. These marks are often registered having a federal agency in order to obtain trademark rights, and with these rights come the safety required from the business. Once you have these rights, then you are able to stop other entities from infringing on your marks and from offering goods comparable to your goods. These marks are registered with the USPTO.Ownership and control can be indefiniteOnce these marks are registered using the company, these marks will stay in the ownership with the business for so long as the company exercises its correct over it. Once more, this could stay indefinitely using the business in the event the company will continue to use that mark and can continue to watch its use. This is different from copyrights exactly where the rights will elapse after a particular amount of time. In order to rightfully maintain the safety offered by regulatory companies, it is recommended the company must file affidavits with the Continued Use or even the Excusable Non-Use. Plus the owner can also be anticipated to file the Applications for the Renewal. These two main forms are available on-line and can be submitted the same way.The many notations connected with trademarksMarks may also are available in numerous notations. Two of these notations include 'TM' which stands for trademark and 'SM' which stands for service mark. These two notations can be utilized before the approval of the trademarks from the USPTO. But once the marks have already been authorized, you can now use the notation that says 'Registered'.Registering trademarks means a lot since you are able to get the safety against misuse and infringement. So it is greatest that these marks ought to be monitored. And if the business is not just domestic and also the company has other transactions in other countries, its best to file an 'international application' and this may be filed using the Global Bureau of World Property Intellectual Organization.

Friday, May 20, 2011

What To Know About Buying Guitars Online

Clubbing is definitely a gamble. Many things come into play, who you go with, where you go, what music you are into that night, how far the club is, whether there is entrance fees, and also the collection of people at that club that night. I mean the last one is not in your control, all others can be checked on your list of things to do, but the last is uncontrollable, but we always hope that it will be a great night out.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easily Make Drum Beat Sequences for Hip Hop

Perfect Pitch is something that many musicians would love to posses. Perfect Pitch is the more common name for Absolute Pitch which gives meaning to the ability of a person who can recognize and reproduce a specific musical note, or exact tone, without any assistance or knowledge of the musical note played to them. Furthermore, the actual referencing of the musical note isn't necessarily confined to just naming the note, although this is the most common example of Absolute Pitch, or Perfect Pitch.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Delay’s Downfall Paved Path for Boehner

Tom DeLay is the reason John Boehner is in line to become Speaker of the House in January. For those of you lost in a news vacuum, or a tryptophan and pumpkin pie-induced food coma this Thanksgiving, a Texas jury convicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) late Wednesday of funneling corporate campaign funds to local political candidates in Texas. The felony conviction could send DeLay to prison anywhere from five years to life, although the former Leader could receive probation.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sienna Miller Biography

Despite winning multiple awards including an Oscar for "The Reader" and many nominations in the last 14 years, Kate Winslet will always be remembered for "Titanic". The iconic scene everyone remembers is Winslet standing in the bow of the "Ship of Dreams" supported by Leonardo Dicaprio as the haunting tune "My Heart Will Go On" was played in the background. Born in Reading Berkshire where her grandparents Linda and Archibald Oliver Bridges founded and operated the repertory theatre, her parents were "jobbing actors" and her Uncle Robert was in the original West End production...

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Monday, May 16, 2011

What to Know About Royalty Free Music?

Sometimes, hearing the same music tracks over and over again can fray your nerves and arouse the desire to hear more unique tones. This is especially true when it comes to background tunes for your website. If this defines your situations, you should not fret anymore because thanks to royalty free music library, you can get different tracks to choose from and hence, ensure that you have something unique to embed on your website. There are three major reasons that make this an ideal the ideal choice for people who want tracks for videos, MySpace profiles, websites and blogs among others.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Les News, 112210

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 was the #1 movie at the box office this weekend. Terri Hatcher denies that she is leaving Desperate Housewives. Capri Anderson, the escort who got caught in a NYC hotel room with Charlie Sheen, is now suing him for assault. Jay-Z reveals that he had fun [...]

John Sargent
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Use a Recording Studio for Success

One thing that has always been a constant in my life is music and till my last day hopefully I'll be singing my CD's and many others. There is nothing like music to pick a person up when they're down.Nothing like a song stuck in your head to help get the job done when there isn't another music source around.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Christmas Songs The Difference Between the UK and USA

Quality used flutes are out there for the budding flutist, and they don't have to cost very much. While some flute teachers recommend top, professional brands only, those of us who don't want to or can't spend $1000 plus on a first instrument don't necessarily have to. With a little advice from an experienced flute teacher, you can find a wonderful flute that looks good and plays beautifully, often for well under $200.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Devastating Teen Suicide

This is unreal.
Another gay teen has taken his life after being bullied at school.
The body of 17-year-old Terrel Williams was found hanging in his closet by his mother just hours after being attacked by 5 classmates after school.
A student at Clover Park High School in Lakewood, Washington, Terrel had endured several attacks including being shoved [...]

John Stamos Was Supposed To Play Dr. Frank-N-Furter On Glee

Aw! What happened? We would have LOVED to have seen him do this!

Sources are confirming that in an original draft of The Rocky Horror Glee Show, John Stamos was meant to play the sweet tranvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter instead of Amber Riley!

Inspired choice! He would have totally rocked it!

Problem was, when the network got their hands on the first draft of the script, their fishnets got into a twist and they didn't like Stamos in the role. When asked about it, John told sources:

“I was supposed to be doing ‘Sweet Transvestite,’ but I think the network saw the script and was like, ‘Stamos in fish nets? It’s too soon!’ So they switched it up. I was bummed, because I wanted to play that part.”

We're bummed too!

It's no offense to Amber, but John really has the legs for the part! LOLs!

Would U had rather seen Uncle Jesse don the corset and stockings or are U happy they went with Amber?

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How to Conquer Fear When Dancing Salsa

The world stood still on February 13, 2010 for the 53rd edition of the highly rated and most celebrated music awards in history, the Grammys. The venue was the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California, and like the tradition, tickets were completely sold out and the hall was filled to the brim with celebrities and music lovers.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Envelope Filter The Key to a Funky, Auto Wah Sound on Your Bass

Digital music has completely changed the way we listen to music... even making some of the "old" ways irrelevant. Today's music players are mp3 players. You can listen to an Apple iPod or any number of other mp3 players out there. The nice thing about a good mp3 player is that you can store all of your music in one easy place and literally carry it with you where ever you go.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Bradley Cooper Renée Zellweger Are Dunzo!

Sad yet not entirely surprising news to pass along today … after almost 2 years together (even tho the couple were never really seen together all that much), US Weekly is reporting that Bradley Cooper and Renée Zellweger have called it quits. Yes, folks … the couple that seemed to exist only in myth has, [...]

The final installment of the Harry Potter film franchise will open in theaters this Summer, mere months away, and today we get our first look at some of the footage from the final Potter film. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 will conclude the tale that has captured the hearts and minds of both young and old the world over for the better part of the last decade. Check out behind the scenes video below that gives us a taste of what’s to come in the final film due out in July.

The end is nigh, for real this time. Part 1, released last Fall, was just the precursor to the final showdown to come. I know I’m gonna be bawling like a baby when it’s all said and done. This preview video is a great tease for the final film. I can’t wait to see more … tho, to be honest, I’m really dreading the end of Harry Potter :(


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Christina Applegate In New Pilot!

Christina Applegate has just landed a new pilot for for NBC!
It'll be a comedy, and it's written by an SNL scribe who is also a producer on the fab Parks and Recreation!!
There seems to be no title yet, but here's what it's about:
[Applegate] will play a working mother who never expected that she would have [...]

Usher Lookin' Future Hot

Check out these pics of the super seksi Usher performing live at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in Australia!

It looks like he's wearing some sort of futuristic combat gear or something… either way, he looks FAB in it!

But the real question is this:

Would U still date Usher if he wore stuff like that around all the time? Hah!

[Images via WENN.]

Andrew Jackson
Mark Rothko
Andre Derain
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Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Arts and Entertainment:Music from EzineArticles.com

This is the 5th Studio Album from the late 80's-90's Aussies lad Jason Donovan. I grew up on much of his stuff in the 80's which was more-or-less my first foray into 'Pop', at a time I was knee-deep in Rock and Metal. So I was really looking forward to this album as 80's was the year I became a collector of Music.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Online Musical Instrument Store Easy and Convenient Way of Shopping!

For the most part, there are two types of guitars - acoustic and electric. Yes, there are other body shapes and styles, but the overwhelming majority of guitars fall into one of these two categories. The purpose of this article is to give a brief description of each type of guitar, it's unique characteristics and what to look for when choosing a guitar for yourself.

Thomas Hart Benton
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

It Is Possible to Teach Yourself to Sing!

One of the hallmarks of great rockabilly is the flashy guitar work featured on so many recordings. Although the original rockabilly guitarists weren't playing like the metal shredders of today, their guitar work was as innovative as rockabilly as a whole and many of today's great players point to these cats as their heroes and guitar role models. Let's take a look at a few guitar players who define the rockabilly genre and have made their mark on the rock and roll world.

Ellsworth Kelly
Romantic Valentines Day Gifts
Jessica Simpson
Franz Kline

Rockabilly Guitarists Rank Well Among The All Time Greats

Throughout my years as a professional singer and singing teacher, I have met many mature people who really would like to learn to sing, but feel that it is too late for them to learn, or that the issues they face present insurmountable barriers to achieving this goal. Following are the top ten problems I am told about, and the best advice I can offer to resolve them.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So You Want to Be a DJ?

A karaoke microphone with songs is the easiest and most portable way to karaoke because they can be brought anywhere and anytime. As long as there is a monitor to connect the microphone to, you don't need anything else. Singing has always been at the top of the list as one of the favorite past times of all people all over the world.

Daniel Gasser
Emile Nolde
Jesse Jackson
Paul Klee

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris David Burtka Love ‘Cinderella’

New dads Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka were among the celebs in attendance at an opening event at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA last night for the opening of a pantomime version of Cinderella. For those of you who don’t know, a pantomime is a British show that is traditionally performed [...]

Despite the fact that I started to come down with symptoms of the flu yesterday, I did my best to battle them back all day long with meds, liquids and sleep so that I could make my way out to Club Nokia to see Ok Go in concert. David returned home from back East last night so I picked up up from the airport and we made our way straight to the venue to see the show:

If you can believe it, part of the concert was presented in 3D. I mean, yes the whole show was in actual 3D but Ok Go showed some video footage in 3D that could be seen properly with 3D glasses … so fun! After the jump, check out a few photos that I snapped at the show lat night …

I always forget how much I love Ok Go live in concert until I see them in concert and go DAMN! I LOVE OK GO IN CONCERT! I first saw the band live back in 2004 and have seen them a few times since over the years. They were really fantastic last night, lots of fun surprises, great video vignettes, a whole lotta confetti/lasers/lights and of course the best music ever. Because I wasn’t feeling too hot, I almost skipped the show … thankfully, I did not. I had a blast … David and I both did :D

Today, tho, I’m still not feeling so hot. I’m gonna try and rest up for much of the day so that David and I can double date with Emma and Josh later tonight to see Tangled. I hope your Sunday is a fun, symptom free day!

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Arts and Entertainment from EzineArticles.com

On the net any time you would like to have a great time you may enjoy loads of games or you may very well take part in a number of gambling activities. If you choose to play games on the web you need to understand that you've available a massive variety. On-line if perhaps you'd like you can play various types of games such as vehicle games, bicycle games, puzzle games, action games, battling games, strategy games, drawing games, board games, math games, word games etc. These are just...

John Belushi
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The Web Is An Unlimited Source Of Entertainment

With competition increasing in each and every field, art forms like visual merchandising are becoming more and more relevant. Visual merchandising is a way of making the arrangement of goods aesthetically appealing to the eyes. Simply put, it is the way a store arranges its goods so that it attracts the attention of the customers.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Xmas Comes To Hollywood Highland

American Idol alum Kimberley Locke, sax man Dave Koz and The Bold and the Beautiful star (and sometime singer) Ron Moss were joined by other performers at the Kodak Theater at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, CA last night to perform a special concert at an Xmas tree lighting ceremony … here are [...]

Ashlee Simpson, her hubby Pete Wentz and their son Bronx Mowgli did a bit of pre-Thanksgiving shopping here in SoCal yesterday to pick up a few odds and ends for today’s Thanksgiving Day feast. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Simpson-Wentz family out and about together so it’s nice to see them all together as a family unit:

Judging by the small number of bags and that big poinsettia plant, my guess is that they were shopping for a larger Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the Simpson family … tho, I suppose it’s possible that Ashlee and Pete are planning a quieter and smaller Thanksgiving dinner for just their little family. Whatever the case may be, I surely hope they have a fun Thanksgiving together.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

David Beckham The LA Galaxy Make Their Way To Australia

David Beckham and the rest of the LA Galaxy soccer team have made their way to Sydney, Australia to play a friendly match against the Newcastle Jets this coming weekend. Before the soccer studs take to the field this weekend, they made a beeline to the beach so that they could soak up some rays. [...]

Last night I made my way out to the ArcLight in Hollywood, CA to see the new Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway film Love and Other Drugs. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of this film for months now, mainly because of the sexy nature of the story … but, to be honest, I really wasn’t expecting very much from the film. I am happy to report that the film is not only sexy but it is actually a very good movie as well:

First, I’ll get the important stuff out of the way … yes, Jake and Anne are nekkid quite a bit in the film. Jake bares his bum a few times and shows off his hand-covered front as well … so if you’re lookin’ for nekkid Jake, this film is for you. For the first 10 minutes of the film, I was certain I was going to hate it … but that turned out not to be the case. I don’t want to give too much away but in the end, Love and Other Drugs turns out to be a really sweet, really heartfelt love story. Yes, there’s a lot of sex … but there’s also a lot of tender moments that truly make the film worth seeing. It takes a while for the chemistry between Jake‘s character and Anne‘s character to become believable … but they do get there. I honestly was expecting to not really enjoy the film beyond all the nekkid scenes but I ended up loving the poignant stuff more than nudity. Love and Other Drugs is a really good movie, deffo worth seeing because of it’s sweet story … but the nekkid bits on display are a nice bonus :)

Today is going to be a very lazy day for me … I am really excited to bum around the house. I’m going to try and meet up with Angi for a movie later tonight but, yeah, for the day I’ll be on the couch in my jammies. Happy Thanksgiving :D

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